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It's Always Christmas in This Extravagant Moscow Mansion

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Tucked away in a gated community on the banks of the Moskva-River in Moscow sits this 12,378-square-foot super mansion, available to the right buyer for an unlisted—probably unfathomable—price. What sets this stately home apart from the many other extravagant delights Moscow has to offer is not its two guesthouses, its 33-foot pool, the brokerbabble-promised "exclusive furniture", or even the on-site Russian bath house. Instead, the crown jewel in this sparkly tiara of a home is the seriously cheesy dose of Christmas decor. The only room spared the wrath of gaudy window treatments, cloying florals, and many, many Santas is the bench-lined pool hall—but don't worry—there's a disco ball to make up for it. Do have a look:

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