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Glassy Midcentury Spread on 27 Lakeside Acres Asks $10M

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According to Curbed Chicago, Illinois preservationists are worried about the future of this midcentury home designed by famed Chicago-area modernist firm Keck & Keck, on the market for $9.995M. The parcel of land it sits on—27 acres at the edge of Lake Michigan—is valuable enough to make the property one of the most expensive in the North Shore, and architecture buffs are weary that someone with a fat wallet and a burning desire to build a McMansion with a car elevator is going to snag the listing and tear down the property. Besides an architectural pedigree and exemplary 1950s bones, the house itself boasts five bedrooms and six bathrooms over 7,550 square feet, plus a library, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a master bedroom with a glorious window-flanked fireplace. Have a look at the photos, below.

· 925 Sheridan Rd., Lake Bluff, Ill. [Zillow via Curbed Chicago]