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A Look at Life-Size Dollhouse Furniture, Blown Up to Scale

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Now that starchitects and Ikea have caught the dollhouse bug, and considering the rabid popularity of all things 3D printed, it was only a matter of time before a designer like Slovakian artist Silva Lovasová used software to 3D-scan and recreate—in actual size!— dollhouse furniture. The result is a bloated, whimsical collection, complete with an arm chair made of foam and a peanut (for scale, presumably) crafted form "epoxy tooling board."

Perhaps the coolest thing about Lovasová's The 1:1 Collection are the textures and ridges retained from the imperfect miniatures, most evident in the smaller porcelain accessories. "Furniture found in various doll houses is inspired by real elements of an adult world," says Lovasová. "Deformations and disproportions often occur in the miniature. By bringing back the miniature furniture to a human scale the circle seems to enclose."

The 1:1 Collection is part of Lovasová's graduate project at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Slovakia. A few more pictures, including original miniatures, are over at Dezeen.

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