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Google, Grand Master of Office Funk, Reveals New HQ Plans

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All renderings via Quartz

Not to be outdone by its tech giant competitors (most notably Apple, which recently unveiled a scale model of it's up-and-coming Norman Foster-designed spaceship HQ), Google, kingpin of over-the-top office spaces, has unveiled new renderings for its 1,000,000-square-foot London office, to sit on 2.4 acres adjacent to King's Cross station. Here's what we know about the place so far: designed by London firm Allford Hall Monaghan Morris (AHMM), the design will "compliment the local area's strong industrial heritage," with a steel-framed glass facade and a smattering of "bold primary colors"—anybody surprised?—ostensibly to "reference the painted metalwork of the neighbouring railway stations," the firm writes. It'll boast an open-air pool, an indoor soccer pitch, a rock-climbing wall, and—the be-all-end-all in tech buildings—a rambling rooftop garden. How much will it cost? Oh, the estimation's now at $1.05B—that's billion with a B—with over three years until it's scheduled for completion. The renderings, which come via Quartz, are below.

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