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A 'Skyscraper'-Topped Trike? It Was Only A Matter of Time

Designed by the Swiss architecture firm Bureau A. for Tadioto—a bar and cultural centre in Hanoi, Vietnam—this dubiously street-legal, seven-story "mobile performance space and test kitchen," a.k.a. tricycle skyscraper, is a true multipurpose space. It sells street-food, hosts impromptu shows, and, it's most profound feat of all, creates mobile-home induced traffic hazards. Besides being the tallest in the shockingly vast ranks of the bike dwellings, it might also be the most well-used. Built from blue-painted steel tubes and topped with a little PVC roof, the structure has no walls or seat belts, though it's got battery-powered fans and hanging lights. "We crossed the whole city with it," boasts Bureau A architect Daniel Zamarbide, "from the outskirts in the fields where the bike was actually made to the very centre of Hanoi where we had a small party." By all means do watch the video of these crazy kids en route:

The Video:

Ta ?i Ôtô mobile bicycle project by Bureau A from Dezeen on Vimeo.

· Ta ?i Ôtô mini-skyscraper on a tricycle by Bureau A [Dezeen]