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Take a Peek Inside this Bright, Modern Brooklyn Brownstone

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A surprising find in a city known for its all-black sartorial leanings: an NYC brownstone in Brooklyn's Fort Greene done up in color and—because this is a Dwell spotlight—cobbled together with a modernist wash. While Brooklyn is not without its fair share of funky, brightly-hued homes, designer Chelsie Lee of Jessica Helgerson Interior Design revamped this space with the young couple's "penchant for pop art [and] bright colors" in mind. Featured: a walnut dining room table fitted with turquoise chairs, geometric-shaped bookshelves painted four shades of red, and a couch upholstered in 18 neon-pink Peruvian blankets. "They asked us to be very bold with color and playful with the design," Lee told Dwell. "and we had fun doing just that." Another shot, below.

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