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Skip the Broker and Buy This Four-Bedroom Bus For $8K

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For all those who ooh'd and aah'd over the school bus home of architecture student (and now-professional wayfarer) Hank Butitta, someone in Bushwick has got great news: on Craigslist right this very second is a 1998 Bluebird School Bus home, complete with four wooden frames for beds, a toilet, and a functioning intercom with a talkie device, "always the favorite, most excellent feature aboard the 'HMS Allenby.'" Right now the bus lives in Brooklyn, N.Y.'s Bushwick neighborhood (which, notes the listing, explains the graffiti) though all the vehicle bits remain in working order, so the house could be a true mobile home. What's more, asking just $8,000, this listing is cheaper than the nation's other school bus home conversion (which asked $12,500) and comes with a power inverter, propane gas stoves, electrical heater, and work desk. The photos, below.

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