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Riverfront Aspen Estate Has Barn, Patios, Creepy Tanning Bed?

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A Woody Creek estate only 15 minutes from Snowmass and Aspen is offered at $10,495,000 and Curbed Ski has never seen anything quite so....interesting. Scratch that, this place is hilarious. Located on 45 acres, the property includes a single family home, a guest home, a ranch manager's apartment, a barn, workshop, hunting lodge, and according to the listing, pilot's quarters (whatever that is). Outside there is an authentic chuck wagon, outdoor kitchen, teepee, fire pits, and dining areas next to numerous water features. Venture inside and things get downright weird. The garage/workshop has plenty of organized storage, which is cool, and hooray for snowmobiles! But wait, is that a meat cutting station? And what's up with the dated exercise room and creepy-glowing tanning bed? The interior decorating is straight out of the 80s complete with etched glass, bad leather couches, and many, many awkward animals captured in mid-flight. Previously listed unfurnished for $14,000,000, the realtor must have realized what a gem she had on her hands; this property can now be purchased for $10.5 million with all those fantastic furnishings. Antique rifles and inappropriate Native American statues anyone? · 6090 Woody Creek Road, Woody Creek, CO 81656