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Exploring New York State's Eye-Popping Vacant Architecture

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A bucolic respite from the hustle and bustle of NYC, New York's Hudson Valley has always offered a quick getaway into the country. Despite an enduring tourist appeal, though, certain kooky roadside attractions have fallen into disrepair since their glory days, turning the region into a popular spot for the growing subset of artists and photographers who are simply obsessed with abandoned buildings. Culling photography of the region's decaying buildings, the site Abandoned Hudson Valley offers a peek at the area's oddest attractions, such as Last Chance Saloon (?). Built in 1958 and once one of a whopping 10 Wild West-themed replica towns in the Catskills, the saloon, which outlasted decaying faux-Indian villages and sheriff's offices, shuttered in 1997.

Less family friendly is Kingston's (reportedly) haunted Doll House (?), a boarded-up, castle-shaped building thats served as everything from a tavern to a—ahem—"house of ill repute." And perhaps also haunted—though by decidedly mellower ghosts—are the remains of the Tamarack Lodge (?) in Greenfield Park, a popular rest stop for Woodstock-bound musicians—including The Who and The Doors. Damaged by fire in 2012, the Lodge's 1960s indoor pool offers a glimpse at a once rather swinging past. Abandoned Hudson Valley has more photos, right this way.

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