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Smoke and Acrobatics Revive Berlin's Abandoned Buildings

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Directed by Berlin-based designer and animator Frank Sauer, this soon-to-be viral music video—delightfully titled Holi Shitfollows a group of tousle-haired "free runners" as they hurl themselves through in abandoned buildings in the Berlin suburb of Brandenburg, Germany. While the names and former lives of the graffiti-covered locales aren't specified, the director explains that on his hunt to find the perfect, decaying muse, the most remote, polizei-guarded buildings had the most appeal, leading to a handful of arrests (all the pastel-colored smoke bombs may have been their giveaway) as well as altercations with ghost hunters. Risk aside, though, the result's a beautiful, slow-motion capture of what makes crumbling, long-uninhabited structures so alluring to artists, photographers, and, it seems, ghost-hunters, alike. "Every big city has one thing in common ... after a while it is quite hard to get out of a place filled with so much energy," explains Sauer, "chasing those abandoned buildings and feeling the calmness of a place once filled with so much life was truly inspirational." Do take a look:

The Video:

Holi Shit from Frank Sauer on Vimeo.

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