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High Fashion Goes Off the Grid With This 14'-by-14' Cabin

For a pared-down escape from the demanding world of haute couture, fashion stylist Scott Newkirk retreats to this hand-built, technology-free cabin in Yulan, N.Y. Boasting a mere 196 square feet—because that's what micro homes do these days, they boast—the place is downright diminutive, but it seems like Newkirk still managed to fill it with enough rustic Americana for a spread in Architectural Digest, or at least enough to nab the title of most handsomely decorated among similar projects.

Built entirely from reclaimed wood, the cabin features a first floor that extends out onto a raised patio, increasing the perceived floor space a good deal, as well as an adjoining guest room fit for two. Though an entirely unplugged vacation might actually add to the stress of the average American, Newkirk rather admirably stuck with his guns on that front: not only does the home commit the unheard-of modern sacrilege of going without an Internet connection, it doesn't even have running water. How's that for an off-the-grid experience?

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