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8 Facts About Mark Wahlberg's Landry-Designed Megamanse

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As architect Richard Landry, noted chateau sire to the stars and favorite among Saudi princes and Patriots quarterbacks alike, finishes up his latest Southern California xanadu—a French manor in Beverly Park for actor Mark Wahlberg—home construction details are oozing between the cracks like the grout between the rocks of a backyard water park. Between The Hollywood Reporter and The Daily Mail, here's the eight details gleaned about the latest Landry castle, which, if one may recall, the architect hilariously called "a good traditional family house with no craziness to it." Maybe by "craziness" he means "white onyx and bleached zebrawood," "terraced orchards," or "koi-stocked moats"? Anyway, do read on:

8. At 30,000 square feet, Wahlberg's mansion is "almost exactly" twice as large as Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady's Landry-designed L.A. chateau—but who's counting?

7. It's also 18,500 square feet larger than the house he sold in October for $12.995M.

6. The spread sits on six acres of Beverly Hills real estate and ...

5. ... boasts such typical manor amenities as a putting green, double-height library, wine cellar, and wood-paneled home theater.

4. According to Landry's renderings, said wine cellar (↑) will boast a very Restoration Hardware appeal, what with wrought iron doors and rusted orb chandeliers.

3.The manmade rock formation in the backyard is a pool with a "diving rock" and waterfall.

2. There's a 2,200-square-foot outdoor loggia (↑) with "coffered ceilings, limestone floors and a fireplace," per THR. "There's even going to be drapery for the outdoor room."

1. The kids' rooms are off the chain, with fantastic box-built beds and built-ins.

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