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Olson Kundig's High Desert Idaho 'Outpost' Asks $2.75M

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Location: Bellevue, Idaho
Price: $2,750,000
The Skinny: This award-winning minimalist home is aptly named Outpost, as it hunkers down alone on 40 acres set amid the desolate beauty of the high desert of central Idaho. Designed by a team led by the concrete-and-steel-obsessed architect Tom Kundig of the Seattle-based firm Olson Kundig, the home was built to function as a residence and artistic retreat, a case where remoteness is a feature, not a bug. Outpost is not for the agoraphobic: the box-like interior is all about the huge windows, with their big sky views of the seasonally changing landscape of the desert and nearby Sawtooth Mountains. The building materials are strictly utilitarian, in keeping with the rugged terrain and climate, and were chosen for their ability to age well. To provide residents with a break from the monumental desert scenery, the architects created a long, high-walled "Paradise Garden" of greenery, complete with roses and fruit trees. The owner sounds fairly motivated to sell, recently chopping $450,000 from the original price to the current ask of $2.75M for the one-bedroom, 1.5-bathroom home. The listing also notes that to sweeten the deal the "owner would consider packaging this home with a condo in Sun Valley."
—Scott Garner

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