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Renovated Farmhouse Makes For the Perfect Architects' HQ

A contest launched by the local authorities of Muttenz, Switzerland turned this 16th-century farmhouse into an office space worth envying. Aside from tacking on a modern interpretation of the historic structure in the form of a two-story private residence, the folks at Oppenheim Architecture + Design gave the interior a crisp, all-white finish. The attic, where a Swiss architecture firm now plies its trade, may be a far cry from the hay lofts of the 1500s, but with a handsome set of exposed beams and plenty of unfilled space, the place looks mighty conducive to workplace productivity. The residential addition has an interesting take on the proportions of the original farmhouse, and in a notable departure, features a basement that opens out into a below-ground-level courtyard. Here, take a look:

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