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Bid on the Intoxicatingly Aromatic Estate Auntie Anne's Built

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If history teaches anything, it's that the builders of fast-food empires own some rather incredible real estate, and such seems to be the case for Auntie Anne's founders Jonas and Anne Beiler. The couple, who founded the soft-pretzel delicious, delicious mall odorizer company in 1988, are sending their holdings in Lancaster County, Pa., to auction next month. Zillow Blog reports that the Beilers, who sold Auntie Anne's in 2005, are hoping to part ways with an assortment of properties, including the main 19th-century farmhouse (which shares 4.2 acres with a 9,000-square-foot barn), a 19th-century residential building that's been converted into offices, and a bunch of professional buildings and chunks of land. No reserve on the main house is given, but please, rest assured that "no expense was spared." Tour the home below.

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