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Wacky Las Vegas House Looks Just Like a '90s Resort

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After years managing and living in a hotel, a couple in Las Vegas decided it was time to build a house of their own, but years of resort living had turned them off "mousetrap"-like hallways or corridors, and so they told their contractor "If for any reason it looked like a house, he was doing something wrong." Or at least that's the story the listing agent for this 1993 home told Zillow. Instead, the spread, on the market for $1.99M boasts a circular flow, with rooms jutting off from a central lobby, complete with indoor pool, 15-foot skylight, and a 20-foot flagstone waterfall. Wackadoo? Undeniably. But, really, in a city marked by candy-colored estates, baffling underground backyards, and other absurd-beyond-words palaces, the 3,966-square-foot three-bedroom is just par for the course.

· 295 E Cactus Ave, Las Vegas, Nev. [Zillow via Zillow Blog]
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