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Snatch Up a California Gold Rush Ghost Town for $225K

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While the opportunity to buy an entire town is exciting in its own right, the rare chance to snap one up for under a million is enough to make anyone consider skipping town to play some live-action Sims. Indeed, the town of Seneca, Calif.—a 9.8-acre gold mining ghost town seated 100 miles northwest of Lake Tahoe—is no exception, listed on Craigslist for a paltry $225K.

Originally founded by a crew of 500 Chinese miners in 1851, the property now includes waterfront access on both sides of the Feather River, a small island, three run-down cabins, and the Gin Mill—a liquor-licensed bar the listing suggests might turn up a "notorious detail" or two on Google (intriguing, but no luck so far.) Seneca's somewhat fabled past may stem from its days hosting the "Woodstock of the West" in the 1970s, to which thousands attended—no doubt throwing a few back at the 'ol Gin Mill— and the current owners would certainly know, considering the fact that they've resided over Seneca since those free-lovin' days. As it happens, they're selling due to health reasons; rather ominously, in fact, the listing tosses in the blunt warning that "the area isn't suitable for anyone in shaky health." Still, for those in tip-top shape looking to open "the most remote 'restaurant' in Northern California," hunt around for overlooked gold, or at least enjoy the solitude of drinking at the diviest dive bar West of the Mississippi, this might be the adventure of a lifetime.

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