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Part with $47M and Lord Over This Sizable Medieval Castle

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Any self-styled royal with an appreciation for tradition knows that owning a knockoff stateside castle doesn't hold a candle to sitting on a throne in the genuine article. This hilltop fortress in Turin, Italy, which can be had for a cool $47M, was the seat of such illustrious houses as Ivrea, Savoy, and that of the Holy Roman Emperor Otto I, so would-be buyers can rest assured that they aren't buying into some bargain bin for historical B-sides. Worried about usurping relatives? Sleep in a different bedroom each night to throw them off; you'll have your pick of 30 spread out over upwards of 40k square feet. Not interested in mingling with the commoners every Sunday? Host your own prayer sessions in Romanic chapel dating back to 850 A.D. Despite having parts that are more than a millennium old, renovations have left the place all the amenities necessary to run a modern kingdom. Here, give it a look:

· Extraordinary Medieval Castle [Sotheby's International Realty]