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Spot the Cityscapes Hidden in These Abstract Paintings

In an effort to capture the sense of isolation that accompanies traveling solo in an unknown city, Korean artist Jieun Park hides all but a glimpse of detailed cityscapes within the broad, abstract brushstrokes that characterize her paintings. From a distance, it's difficult to make out the neighborhoods and scaled-down monuments—a tiny Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame, to name a few—but up close, her lively cities appears in miniature. Much like the work of other artists intent on rendering cityscapes in unexpected ways, the end result is mesmerizing and rather dreamlike. "My personal feelings are described as under-painted ink marks which are instinctively spread and dropped on the surface," says Park. "As I create relatively realistic images of the city within the abstract ink marks, I try to record...this fast changing city and its double sidedness where colorful impression coexists with loneliness."

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