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L.A.'s 60K-Square-Foot Chateau Des Fleurs Will Eat Us All

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Coming by way of the anonymous tipline: a yummy aerial shot of the Bel-Air's latest real estate monster, a 60,000-square-foot goliath known as Chateau Des Fleurs and "expected to sell" (LOL) for more than $100M. Construction began on 10 expensive acres of Bel-Air dirt over five years ago, and since then L.A. architect William Hefner, (hired, rumor has it, by a fairly anonymous lawyer named James A. Kaplan, who's a partner at real estate law firm Cox, Castle & Nicholson) has refined his design for a French manor after, per Haute Living, "extensive travels and studies through France. Because there just aren't enough ridiculous faux chateaus in Los Angeles.

So what's all that space being used for? According to house blog A.V.D. Mansions, Chateau Des Fleurs will boast a ballroom with a catering kitchen, a squash court, a petit salon, and "a closet that could house a Rodeo Drive boutique." Hey, is Tamara Ecclestone still looking for a mansion to outrank her sister? Somebody get her on the line!

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