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A 'Bizarre Barbie Dreamhouse' Perfect for a 'Real Housewife'

Here's a listing out of the suburbs of Atlanta perfect for all those millionaires who are ready to buy a house and (this is key) start a Cheesecake Factory franchise. In Loganville, Ga., this life-sized toy mansion, done up what some may call "Wedding Cake" style, or as Curbed Atlanta writes, a "bizarre Barbie Dreamhouse," is asking $1.98M for 17,767 square feet of fake porticos, off-gold, and—hallelujah!—a point-of-entry done up in a shockingly white archway and butter-yellow alter. Oh, and for anyone who really likes sitting in the last row of the movie theater, have we got the cinema room for you. Priority goes to buyers who prove they're in line to star in a Real Housewives run.

Head to Curbed Atlanta for the full set of interiors pics. >>