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Is this London Suite the 'Sexiest Hotel Room' in the World?

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Does the pale, alabaster-themed Corfu Suite of London's Blakes Hotel truly deserve the title of world's sexiest hotel room? A panel of judges organized by boutique hotel booking site Mr & Mrs Smith seems to think so, as they chose it from a user-voted shortlist on account of its "sumptuous decor," a "bed you can't leave," a "seductive air of serenity," an unelaborated-upon "element of intrigue," and a mysterious "x-factor." And the judges were no fuddy-duddies, either; the panel included burlesque star Immodesty Blaze, fashion blogger Garance Doré, and Kama Carnes, the president of lingerie brand Kiki de Montparnasse, all of whom should be well-acquainted with the basic tenants of sexiness.

If you ask us, something about the twin mother-of-pearl-inlaid dressers, the faux-classical wall accents, and the tiny matching lamps comes off as a little His and Hers, a little too wedding anniversary to be overwhelmingly seductive, but given the other selections—check 'em out over here—the Anouska Hempel–designed suite seems like the sensible choice. The runner up, from the Ca Maria Adele hotel in Venice, Italy, might have come out on top, but selecting a predominantly red, brocade-heavy, gold-trimmed affair would have been a little too easy.

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