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This Hideous All-Purple Home Could Be Yours for $644K

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Some listings take such pains to avoid the elephant in the room that they transcend mere brokerbabble, belonging instead to the higher realm of the tragicomic farce. By "cleverly planned" with a "family inspired design," what this gem of a sales pitch means to say is that the carpeting in this semi-detached suburban London home looks like someone pulled the Grimace out of a McDonald's ad and sheered him. Accidentally overdoing it on the lilac is one thing; here it's turned up to 11, leaving few surfaces in this four-bedroom home untouched by some variation of purple, mainly a deeply unpleasant royal. The upside is that if one dropped $644K on the place and had it gutted, they'd be left with a "sought after address" and an "en-suite shower room which would make an ideal granny annex." Have a gawk below:

· 4 bedroom semi-detached house for sale [Rightmove via HuffPo]