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Ten Quasi-Inappropriate Zingers About Zaha's New Stadium

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As if there weren't enough reactive grousing every time starchitect Zaha Hadid unveiled plans for another undulating white building, a new set of renderings revealed yesterday for the upcoming Al Wakrah Stadium drew Internet commenters out of the woodwork by the hundreds to state the obvious: though it may be ostensibly modeled after the Dhow, a classic Arab fishing vessel, it looks more than vaguely anatomical. Though this kind of talk can distract from more serious conversations that are worth having about architecture, it can make for some fairly amusing reading. In that vein, have a look below at the top 10 zingers about Hadid's proposed stadium, culled from around the Web:

10. "I think it's about time we pay some architectural respect to the yoni. Everyone in the world could benefit from seeing more vagina-shaped things, and the Crain Communications Building [in Chicago] has been representing woman-parts on its own for far too long." [Callie Beusman, Jezebel]

9. "How many of the stadium's users will be viewing it from a helicopter? Very few, and from the ground, where nearly all users will be, it looks far less… well you know." [commenter miker90, Buzzfeed]

8. "And after all, why not have 45,000 people crammed inside a woman's reproductive system? It's not like they haven't been there before." [Holly Baxter, The Guardian]

7. "'And my work is done' - Georgia O'Keeffe" [commenter AceMagnum, Jezebel]

6. "Looks like the space ship from 'Flight of the Navigator' [commenter Francisco Garcia, Buzzfeed]

5. "Is it just me or is anyone else getting an Eye of Sauron vibe?" [commenter NomNom38, Jezebel]

4. "This is the same thinking that concludes that all roughly cylindrical objects are indeed phallic in nature." [esoteric_road, Reddit]

3. "The World DivaCup" [commenter cassiebearRAWR, Jezebel]

2. "A suitable partner for Norman Foster's Gherkin"? [commenter Norman, Dezeen]

1. "I want to petition the government to have all houses and municipal buildings feature decorative labia by 2050." [Callie Beusman, Jezebel]

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