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This Might Be the Manliest Ski Chalet in the French Alps

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At the intersection of ski lodge and man cave lies Chalet Jofi, for which no amount of antler-themed decor is too much. A no-brainer for any location scout looking to bring the Hangover franchise to French ski country, this stoically furnished, dark-hued den is located in the resort town of Chourchevel, which is a sister city to Park City, Utah, so you know the slopes must be top-notch. Because going mammoth hunting is no longer a viable pastime for the modern man, this five-bedroom chalet comes outfitted with an indoor pool, a weight room, and a home theater. Given the location and the decor—which does a pretty handsome job of blending the modern and the consummately rustic—it should come as no surprise that the rental is price on request. Here, have a look:

· Chalet Jofi [Sotheby's International]