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Ed Niles' Saucy Piece of Glass in Beverly Hills Asks $15M

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This ultramodern mansion, one of a host of L.A.-area glass-and-steel affairs designed by the Malibu-based architect Ed Niles over the years, has been likened to everything from a rehab facility to a salad spinner to "where they engineered the terminator." But this little compound that could is set defy all the haters if it goes for anywhere near its asking price of $14.9M, a full $4M higher than when it last made an appearance around these parts. Built in 2009, this 7,500-square-foot six-bedroom home sits on a mere half-acre promontory, so it may not have much of a sprawling grounds, but the defining central courtyard is all about seclusion, anyway. With a pro-forma infinity pool out back and one of those much-touted "jetliner views," it can't be said that the place doesn't hit all the marks for a Beverly Hills bachelor pad. Do have a look:

· 1169 Loma Linda Dr [Redfin]