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Get the Lowdown on Architecture's Rentable Corps d'Elite

Over two decades ago starchitecture nerd Ross Leland bought up a modern spread by SoCal great Rudolph Schindler—he who, in 1922, designed the "first house in the modern style." Since construction wrapped in 1936, the home had seen decades of, well, not neglect per se—more like systematic destruction of everything Schindler and other L.A. midcentury studs held dear. Previous owners of Laurel Canyon's Fitzpatrick House—famed for implementing crisp lines and open floor plan before they were cool—covered the large windows with sheetrock, walled in the second-floor balcony, and—say it ain't so!—plastered over a fireplace. Luckily, Leland had a lot of money and a fair amount of preservationist leanings, and was able to fix it up. In his honor, L.A.'s MAK Center for Art and Architecture dubbed it the Fitzpatrick-Leland house. Anyway, the Fitzpatrick-Leland House, now asking $380 a night, is but one of many architecturally significant listings on the rental market right now, with each its own backstory rife with sales, preservation battles, and eye-popping asks. Want to know more about these rentable noisemakers? Read on:

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