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Finalist 4: Courtney's 400-Square-Foot Seattle Studio

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Presenting Curbed's Rental Redo, a Renters Week 2013 contest wherein creative, ambitious, and deserving renters are given the chance to score $2,500 to the home furnishings store of their choice simply by outlining what they'd like to do with their lackluster, hodgepodge, or underfunded spaces. Over the next few days, the finalists' entries and testimonials will unfold right here; on Friday, they'll face off in a countrywide poll. We'll crown the winner on Mon., Nov. 25.

Courtney's studio as-is (left) and the makeover vision (right)

Seattle resident Courtney loves reading Curbed Seattle's weekly "This Week in Strange, Weird, and Terrible Seattle Real Estate Living Photos" feature—"and then attempting to do the exact opposite of that with my apartment," she emails. Problem is, with a budget constrained by an "attempt to try all of the awesome bars and restaurants in my Queen Anne neighborhood, items that could greatly appreciate the coolness and value of my home go un-purchased." Below find Courtney's (incredibly organized!) plan for the 400-square-foot studio—she intends to spend the $2,500 if she wins but "there is even an extra $100 left over for Swedish meatballs after shopping."

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