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How Many Bears Died to Decorate these Craigslist Ski Homes?

These ski town vacation rentals from Craigslist take animal decoration to a whole new level. From (fake) bears on the shower curtains to real bears on the walls, Curbed Ski is beginning to wonder how many animals died in the decorating of these mountain town getaways. Here's a fun mid-day drinking game: Take a drink for every animal you spy in these photos. You're welcome.

↑ Stay at this working elk ranch and you'll find plenty of animals both inside and out. At least we know where they got all those antlers from! PS: Curbed Ski is beginning to wonder if the bear bed linens are required in all ski vacation rentals. [Idaho Lodge Rental via Craigslist]

↑ This Georgetown one bedroom condo in Colorado looks normal enough until you notice the massive dead animal on the living room wall. Stare at it long enough and you won't know whether it's a wolf, a bear, real, or fake. But you will agree it's disturbing.

↑ A classic case of animal overboard, this ski-in/ski-out unit at Winter Park just doesn't understand subtlety. There are bears on shower curtains, rugs, artwork, and probably the toilet paper. [Holiday in the Mountains! via Craigslist] · Craigslist coverage [Curbed Ski]
· Renter's Week 2013 [Curbed Ski]