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The Ultimate Craigslist Ski Bum Housing Ad: 1971 Motorhome

Curbed Ski has been helping out the ski bum population this week and now we present the ultimate ski bum housing ad courtesy of Craigslist. This 1971 Shasta Motor Home is only $1,000 and you can park it at the Steamboat Campground all season long for easy, ski bum lodging. There's a working three burner stove, oven, sink, but the refrigerator is on the fritz. Good thing it's cold! There's even a combined toilet and shower (how lovely). The owner says it runs and this masterpiece at least made it from its purchase point of Aspen to its new home in Steamboat Springs. The listing says it calls for a "gentle" owner, but hey, as transportation and housing in one, it doesn't get any cheaper than this!

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