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Pets Take Over Ski Town Craigslist Apartment Photos

Craigslist is supposed to be about advertising houses, apartments, or rooms available for lease. But the unintended stars of Craigslist ads are of the four-legged variety: cats and dogs. Trying to make out whether or not that bedroom has an attached bathroom? Sorry, Fluffy is in the way. In other listings, there's nary a living room in sight, but a few dozen pet photos. Curbed Ski loves pets as much as the next ski website, but take the furry fetish out of the Craigslist ads, mmm-kay?

↑ This person is looking to share a 2 bedroom/2 bath house in Aspen, but these cats do not look amused at the idea. Maybe bring some cat nip as a peace offering?

↑ Two males are looking for another roommate in Leadville, CO but they already have three dogs on site. Wisely, they post that they can't take on any more animals right now. But all potential roommates must be "animal friendly as we have chickens and dogs and you must also be very 420 friendly." Those must be some relaxed chickens.

↑ Two females near Reno totally want you to come live with them in their 2000 square foot house. They want to watch movies, play scrabble, and have two cats. Interested? They can send pictures of the house by email (there's none in the Craigslist ad), but "For now, have a look at the cats you could live with." Seriously? People are weird.
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