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Live Like a Russian Billionaire For a Meager $25K a Month

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How much gold-trimmed extravagance does it take to harken back to the age of the Tsars? Probably less than this one home has to show in just a few listing photos, but these days, this kind of ridiculous excess is par for the course among the real estate ventures of Russia's nouveau riche. Just a short drive outside of Moscow, this three-bedroom (yes, only three bedrooms, what are we, trillionaires?!) manse has a marble-columned entryway that just screams oligarch, and a living room so loud it looks suitable for little else but counting money. Which it goes without saying you'll need a lot of to call the place your own; $6M to be exact, or $25K a month to rent it. Garishly lit throughout, with many an overstuffed couch and outsized chandelier, this 8,600-square-foot compound would be the perfect background for that laughably self-serious online dating profile you've always wanted to make. Here, have a look:

· Novakhovo, Ilinskoe shosse [SL Realty via Homes of the Rich]