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Count the Many Design Themes in This Deeply Odd Rental

On the rental market for $5,900 a month, this five-bedroom, 5,500-square-foot Vancouver estate offers both the grandeur of "European style custom designed living," as well as a rare peek into the mind of what appears to be a very excitable, highly indecisive interior designer. Indeed, every room in the house marches boldly in the direction of the different theme, including a fairytale-inspired foyer—complete with a countryside mural and abysmal faux-fountain—a peacock-colored animal-printed bedroom, and a puzzling attempt at an Art Deco bathroom. So as not to leave any inch of the home unscathed, there's also enough gold trimmed-banisters and wacky light fixtures to fill every home in the Great White North. Please, have a look:

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