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Yes, Karim Rashid Has Just Released an Electro-Pop Album

We've seen what kind of dazzling madness designer Karim Rashid can conjure into being when it comes to kooky high-rises, far-out food courts, neon-heavy hotels, and even his own loft, but the most surprising part of his recent body of work has to be his newly released EP of electro-pop tunes, entitled Change the World. To convey just how patently Karim Rashid these digitally manipulated manifestos can be, here's an arbitrarily sampled swatch of lyrical inventiveness: "I fell in love one too many times / I designed one too many things / I cried more than one could imagine / Dreaming, yearning for some Nutopia." Whet your appetite, did it? Here, try "space extends itself via organic modules of repetition." A perfect stocking stuffer for the ironically minded grad student in your life, this titillating throwback to the 90s house track is available this very moment on iTunes.

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