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From a Polynesian Isle to the Burj Khalifa: Rental 'Extremes'

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It's the inherent advantage of a rental property: the ability to try something out for a week, month, year, or decade without having to commit to that floorplan or that building or that neighborhood. For this reason, extreme rentals will always have the leg-up on extreme purchases. After all, living in a house with 40 bathrooms for a year is very different than, say, handcuffing the next 30 years of your life to a $150M mortgage—or, for that matter, committing full-stop to a shipping container mansion, a 161-square-foot cottage, or the vertigo-inducing views from the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building on Earth, where there are indeed rental units available. The Burj and other rental extremes, below.

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