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VOTE NOW in Curbed's Rental Redo Contest, Worth $2,500!

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The entries have been reviewed, the finalists, profiled, and now voting commences for Curbed's Rental Redo, a Renters Week 2013 contest wherein creative, ambitious, and deserving renters are given the chance to score $2,500 to the home furnishings store of their choice simply by outlining what they'd like to do with their lackluster, hodgepodge, or underfunded spaces. Below, find brief synopses of all six finalists (click on each one for the full story and supporting visuals); then go on and cast your ballot. (As always, voting irregularities will be strictly policed.) The polls open right this second (Fri., Nov. 22 at 12:30pm EST) and will remain active until Mon., Nov. 25 at 12:30pm EST.

UPDATE: This poll is closed as of Mon., Nov. 25 at 12:30pm EST.

Poll results

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