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Get Your Four-Legged-Holiday-Fix By Renting A Pet in Aspen

Like any ski town, dogs (especially big dogs) rule in Aspen, and the four-legged friends are welcome at hotels, restaurants, coffee houses, and bars. All well and good if you're a local, but what if you need to leave your BFF at home on your next ski trip? No worries; the Aspen Animal Shelter has you covered. This local, for-profit, no-kill shelter has a free, year-round Rent-a-Pet program that allows homesick guests and willing locals to borrow canines anywhere from two hours to two days. Just like online dating, humans and dogs are matched up according to their experience, athletic abilities, and personalities before hitting the trail or nearest café. Says Director Seth Sachson, "These are animals in need of a good home, and visitors and volunteers are helping the dogs get exercise and develop socialization skills. The program also has a high adoption rate." Bonus: dogs are total chick-magnets.
-Laurel Miller