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Finally, a Space-Themed Capsule Hotel Staffed by Robots

How many opportunities does one get in this life to order drinks from diminutive robo-waiter? The C-3PO to this service-industry R2-D2 works the door at Shenzhen's recently opened Pengheng Space Capsules Hotel, the latest capsule hotel to cash in on the spacefaring vibe that sleeping in a pod so naturally invites. It's probably safe to say that none of the others pull off the far out Pluto Nash aesthetic of early 2000s sci-fi with quite as much flair.

A tiny box to call your own for the evening costs 70 yuan (about $12)—so much, much cheaper than actually spending a night in a space capsule—and comes with access a slew of tablet-enabled amenities, and, based on what we see in the image above, at least one selection from the Bruce Willis oeuvre. Expats living around Shenzhen are hereby enjoined to stay there for an evening and report back in the comments.

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