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Sculptor Makes Full-Scale Replica of Home Within a Home

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Taking on the themes of home and migration with a full-scale approach, sculptor Do Ho Suh created a life-sized fabric facsimile of his childhood home inside a replica of the first apartment building he lived in when he moved to Providence, R.I. Though that only accounts for two of the homes mentioned in the exhaustive title, Home Within Home Within Home Within Home Within Home. Presumably two of the others refer to the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul, where the piece hangs, and to South Korea, where Suh was born. Maybe the fifth is the self, touring the inside of this bewilderingly large work.

For an installation that's meant to capture the experience of navigating personal space upon moving to a new country, the discombobulating home-after-home title of the piece seems fitting. Given the level of precision he achieved with a work measuring about 2,000 square feet, it's no surprise the Suh availed himself of a 3D scanner to pull it off. In any case, the ghostly, translucent look of the sculpture, which resembles two architectural renderings superimposed, is pretty stunning.

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