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Here's a Lavish Furniture Collection Inspired by Muppets

Upon walking into Beverly Hills' Greystone Mansion, the historic spread recently outfitted as the Titans of Business and the Best Design Show House, furniture maker Eric Brand knew which "titan" he would be honoring. Brand told interiors blog Domaine that his assigned space was "the brightest and sunniest room" in the estate. His immediate thought? Child's bedroom. His next-to-immediate thought? Muppets. His business bigwig of choice? That made his business bigwig of choice an easy decision: puppeteer master and screenwriter Jim Hensen, he responsible for not only Kermit and Miss Piggy, but also Big Bird, Cookie Monster, and—Brand's primary inspiration—Bert and Ernie. Here Brand recalls the stripes of the duos shirts, the "easy, digestible" colors of their world, and bespoke furnishings and wall treatments, to luxe up Sesame Street and create a room envied even by interiors-obsessed grown-ups.

On the beds (custom made with nailhead trim) are red, blue, and white striped linens (like Bert and Ernie's shirts) and yellow pillows. Half the walls are done up in trompe-l'œil wainscoating—"poor man's paneling" hand-painted by his team—while the table, chairs, and accessories are largely created by Brand's, err, brand. "I wanted to show our strength as a furniture manufacturer in a complete, turnkey package." Forget the kids, Domaine has some ideas for getting the look in your own bedroom, right this way.

· A Bedroom For Bert and Ernie [Domaine]