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Is This 220-Square-Foot Hut the Smartest Micro Home Yet?

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As fiendishly trendy as micro dwellings continue to be, their diminutive square footage does not come without challenges—including such struggles as zero storage space, cramped ceilings, and axed showers, just to name a few. Still students over at the Yestermorrow Design/Build School, in Warren, Vt., may have found a way to make their latest creation feel, well, incredibly spacious. Harnessing the power of tall ceilings (about 10 feet), clever hidden storage, and rather neat light tricks that open up the narrow rooms, the house, which was built on campus but not resides in Western Massachusetts, feels much larger than its 220 square feet. "They reduce materials consumption, cut your carbon footprint, and they're cute," says the team. Enjoy the very cute video tour:

The Video:

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