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'Live in a Candy Dish' in This Psychedelic NYC Apartment

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Inhabited by photo archivist and interior decorator Jeanie Engelbach, and designed to look as though "Pee Wee Herman opened a pop culture museum in Candy Land," this delightfully odd NYC apartment is sure to dazzle, well, probably everyone except the landlord. Indeed every inch of Engelbach's 800-square-foot one-bedroom home is now a shrine to either a zany collection—metal lunch boxes, Pez dispensers, and bobbleheads, just to name a few—or scavenged, vintage finds given a cartoonish makeover. A few pricier pieces are buried beneath the many collections—including an ABC Carpet & Home chaise and an Anthropologie bench, but much of the appeal here comes from its "9-year-old self"-inspired DIY approach to home decor. "Each component—my collections, love of bright color, crafts, oil cloth, flea market and Dumpster finds, family photos—all this craziness is swirled together,"explains Engelbach, "but somehow ends up looking and feeling serene." Houzz has the full story on this bonkers serene apartment, so do have a look.

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