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Peek Inside the Homes of Families Living Outside Walmart

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While others take photos of old French castles or magnificent empty libraries, photographer Nolan Conway has gone down a different path, having become notable for documenting those who live in the Walmart parking lots of Flagstaff, Ariz. Waking Up at Walmart, as the portrait series is called, was inspired by a car-turned-home the photographer saw in his childhood town in Washington state. "I was a naïve, relatively privileged kid," explains Nolan, "but I knew that someone would be shivering in that car that night, and it affected me." The series features everyone from fully outfitted campers of those on road trips to kids busking for gas money to unemployed families waiting for their luck to turn around. In his intimate portraits, Nolan creates a remarkable juxtaposition between the tiny quarters in which his subjects live and the world's largest retailer, looming in the distance. Flavorwire has accrued quite the collection of Conway's works, but there are a few more shots to see, below, as well.

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