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Sleep with the Fishes in this Suite's Submerged Bedroom

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The lap of luxury or the perfect setting for a horror flick: how you feel about this floating hotel room is probably a good indicator of whether or not you were particularly traumatized by a childhood viewing of Jaws. The idea of sleeping in a submerged bedroom sounds pretty fun, as long as you don't picture yourself waking up to some terror from the deep considering you with one huge, unblinking eye. For those unfazed by such unrealistic flights of imagination, the Manta Resort charges $1,500 a night for an all-inclusive opportunity to sleep with the fishes among the fishes, which totally doesn't sound unnerving at all. Not even a little bit.

An average day at this small three-story resort might include a before-lunch snorkeling expedition in the clear water off of Tanzania's Pemba Island, an afternoon spent sunbathing on the rooftop terrace, an evening of contemplative stargazing, and, of course, a night of counting the friendly tropical fish that swim by, praying that the spotlights around your window don't attract something bigger. And that's not the least bit hair-raising, the thought of spending hours staring out at an unyielding, pitch-black seascape swimming with god knows what. Honestly, it's not even the creepiest hotel we've seen this month.

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