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Why Yes, This $1.2M Estate is Just Like a Rainbow Caterpillar

The original owners of this ring of colorful, interconnected domes set out to build, according to one real estate agent, "the most recognizable home in Sedona," and barring some bit of architectural craziness the Arizona town has yet to reveal, we're going to go ahead and award the home that esteemed title. The three-bedroom compound sold for around $700K back in 1999, and although the home design, which looks either like a giant rainbow caterpillar or an elementary school, hasn't really gone in or out of fashion since then—despite the abode's appearances on World's Most Extreme Homes and MTV's Extreme Cribs—it's currently listed for nearly double that, at $1.2M. Of the 10 concrete bubbles that contain its 5,000 square feet of space, one has an indoor pool, one is a home theater (with "incredible acoustics"), and one comes equipped with an indoor fountain surrounded by red stones and desert flora, which would be hard to justify in any home that wasn't already pretty nuts. Fits in here, though. Have a look:

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