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Buy This Rather Impressive Alamo Replica For Just $1.35M

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If simply remembering the Alamo will not suffice, consider plunking down $1.35M to actually live within its hallowed walls—or at least a convincing replica. Indeed, with its uncannily columned façade, this recently listed 6,553-square-foot home in Spicewood, Texas, joins the patriotic ranks of such convincing copycats as Virginia's phony White House and uh, other phony White House. And besides its famous front, the five-bedroom property also offers such "rustic and refined" amenities as a massive screened porch, a home theater, and access to a nearby airport "for your Plane & Hangar." The vaguely country-Western decor and faux-stone walls aren't for everyone, but like the brokerbabble decrees, "This is a home for those who love the Texas Spirit." In other words: don't mess with the next owner. Here, a look:

· 500 Contrails WAY, Spicewood, TX [Estately]