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This School in India Boasts Perforated Terra Cotta Screens

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The world has no dearth of phenomenal architecture designed for kids, and this kindergarten in Bangalore, India, is bound to qualify for one of the neatest, prettiest schools—non-airplane, non-giraffe division—out there. Indian architect Sandeep Khosla for Khosla Associates designed DPS Kindergarten, with its sheets of colored corrugated metal and "perforated terra cotta screens," to be a prototype for what will be many schools dotting Southern India. Indeed, those lacy-looking terra cotta walls provide ventilation, part of Khosla's hope to build "a climate-sensitive, sustainable school." He tells Dezeen: "The breezes from south-west to north-east flow right through the classrooms and the hot air rises in the courtyard. So it's a natural ventilation stack effect that we've created."

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