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Here's a Roaming City That is Actually Buildable, in Theory

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In architecture, student projects are notably over-the-top and innovative, and the thesis project of Madrid-based architecture student Manuel Dominguez is no exception. His plans for a crawling utopian city called, appropriately, Very Large Structure, have found life in a familiar news plug: fabulous renderings, an outlandish concept, Wild Wild West-like futurism, and enough urban and eco buzzwords to set the architecture/tech bits of the internet ablaze. But there's something different here. Unlike other pie-in-the-sky renderings for perfect-world architecture (whether they be floating amoebas, jellyfish lookalikes, stone pile buildings, or sparkling "Earth Cities") Gizmodo and Arch Daily emphasize that this is something that could, theoretically, actually exist. Now.

Built atop the same powerful crawling mechanisms used for tanks, the highly detailed plans include things like sports facilities, senior centers, schools (including a university), restaurants, a library, a theater, a hospital, and an observatory. There's a recycling plant, and energy is gleaned via solar panels, windmills, and hydrogen energy plants. The details are below. Hope you can read Spanish.

· A Walking City for the 21st Century [Arch Daily via Gizmodo]