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Ridiculous Waterfront Mansion in Istanbul Wants $115M

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In the latter half of the 19th century, Zeki Pasha, a military leader for the Ottoman forces and government bigwig under the rule of Sultan Abdul Hamit II, commissioned noted French architect Alexandre Vallaury to build a five-story mansion on the edge of Istanbul's Bosphorus strait. Nearly 150 years later, the 32,300-square-foot manse, which boasts a pier, 43,000 square feet of gardens, and a great view of, um, under a bridge, has been hulked onto the market for a paltry $115M. Brokerbabble is scant, but the photos really show off all one needs to know: vines wrap around the façade and its exterior pillars have been streaked black and green with age. The interiors? Mostly bland decor, but there does seem to be some old parquet floors, and those windows are fairly divine. See it all, below.

· Zeki Pasa Waterside Mansion in Baltalimani, Istanbul [Sotheby's]