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The Empire Battles Cottages in 'Wars on Kinkade' Mashup

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The saccharine legacy of Thomas Kinkade, whose paintings of warmly lit cottages you might recognize if you've ever been to the living room of a retired schoolmarm, has finally been made fit for modern tastes, and all it took was the full force of the Galactic Empire. In a mashup entitled "Wars on Kinkade," artist Jeff Bennett has combined the Painter of Light's pastorals with the two-dimensional evil that is Star Wars' dark side, and it's as if the two were made for one another. In TIE fighters, chicken-walkers, and riding dewbacks, a host of storm troopers descends upon Kinkade's storybook homes, making it clear how eerily unpeopled they were in the first place.

With their treacly, inviting nature, Kinkade's houses can't help but recall the cottage in Hansel and Gretel, so Bennett may very well have led the Empire into an ambush whose cunning was masked by its cuteness, like that of the Ewoks in Return of the Jedi. Still, this wouldn't be the first time we've been wary about Kinkadian traps. After all, Kinkade has been called the most collected painter in America, and whether or not that designation was self-appointed, one estimation held that there was a Kinkade print in one out of 20 American homes at the time of his death in 2012. I

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